Signature Handlebar Chrome 14"

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The most popular handlebar on the market for 2015-2020 Harley Davidson Road Glides (Excludes 2015-2017 CVO models). Our Signature handlebar allows you to use all your stock hardware (cables, wires, risers and controls). Factory 47 makes sure to put the highest quality possible with manufacturing this bar. All Signature handlebars are machined at the step down and swedged at the controls for extra strength. We have slotted all the holes to allow for your stock safety pins and throttle by wire for your safety. The Signature handlebar come with all of the welds are polished off smoothly for a show quality finish. From a side view the handlebar rise is completely straight to match your forks but we have made sure to slot pin hole in the riser to allow you to adjust your pullback. From the front and rear view the Signature has a rolled rise to match the round shape of your fairing, fender and tire.(2015-2017 CVO and Ultras have the pin on the other side of the riser)


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Factory 47
2015-2020 Road Glide Models; Excludes 2015-2017 CVO Models
Overall Width:
Point to Point Width:
StepDown Width:
Outside to Outside Dimension:
Drop Down:
Clamping Area:

Warranty Information

Please make sure to open the product upon arrival and inspect thoroughly. Factory 47 is not responsible for any flaws in the finish after installation or 1 week after receiving your product. There is no exceptions. Factory 47 is not liable if the wrong part was ordered, please make sure to read our description to make sure the product is compatible with your bike. If you are unsure please contact us first before purchasing.


16 Reviews

  • Posted by Doug Bauer on Mar 20th 2020


    Best bars

    The 14” bars are very easy to install on my 16 Road Glide special no need to extend wires or cables.

  • Posted by Derek johnson on Mar 19th 2020


    handle bars

    perfect fit

  • Posted by Daryl Adams on Feb 3rd 2020


    14" signature bars

    3 hour install. Love the look, love the fit and finish. Had doubts about cables fitting but a little tug here and there, and it was perfect.

  • Posted by Walt on Nov 9th 2019


    Signature Bars

    Quality is great along with the fit. I did spend a lot of time on the throttle side running the wires and was worried I had spurs but once the wiring came through, there was no visible signs of tears so that ruled out the spurs.

  • Posted by Bryan Craft on Oct 21st 2019


    Great Product

    On my 3rd. set of bars. 15' RGS, 17' RGS, now 19' RGS. Great set up.

  • Posted by Markeith Taylor on Oct 8th 2019


    14’ chrome bars

    I love the bars. Way thicker and better craftsmanship than other cheaper brands. Word definitely speaks for itself. Great job overall.

  • Posted by Steven Orcutt on Oct 7th 2019


    14” Bars

    I am satisfied with the overall look and construction of the bars. The time spent on finish work and chrome was noticed. I love the look and glad I made the switch. I am disappointed in the fact that you will pay $500 and receive absolutely no paperwork, let alone even receive a sticker after spending that much money.

  • Posted by Amanda on Sep 27th 2019


    Chrome Favorite!

    The look of these bars are tough! Anyone going with an all chromed out look will love these!

  • Posted by Chris on Sep 12th 2019


    Bars were great but installation was a challenge

    I bought these bars because I really liked the styling and the fact that I was able to install them without lengthening the stock wiring and lines.
    Pros- These handlebars look SICK as hell on my bike. They are really comfortable for long rides and put my hands in a perfect position.
    Cons - There are a few, so here is the list:
    1. There were no installation instructions in the box. I would expect that there would be for bars of this cost/caliber. There is a great instructional video on YouTube, but, there are problems with that as well (see item 2 below).
    2. The YouTube video has a couple of issues. The first is that it was for a 2015, which showed larger plugs than the 2017. I didn't have to remove the plugs, which was a definite plus. The video was shaky as hell. It was tough to watch, and I had to keep stopping and rewinding the video. This is quite tough to watch a video while trying to install bars. Using the Westinghouse chain was more trouble than it was worth. The chain broke on me twice. I used it to pull trimmer string through. Makes getting the cables through the tight bends. I would HIGHLY recommend using a wire lubricant before pulling them through the bars. I used a little bit of dishwashing liquid, but there are other ones available at hardware stores. It took me about 3 hours to get all the cables through.
    3. At 14", the bars are long. I can flex them if I pull or push hard on the bars. It takes a little getting used to, always making me wonder if the bar clamps are torqued properly.
    4. For my 2017 Road Glide special, the clutch and brake hoses are VERY tight. I almost wasn't able to get the bars installed. They could be a little shorter from the Harley factory, but I am nervous at that amount of stress being on the hoses over time. I know that this isn't due to Factory47, but just my experience. I am going to look at replacing the hoses when I get chrome reservoirs eventually.

    Overall, I would highly recommend Factory 47 bars. Just make sure you allow enough time (and patience) for installation.